Cowboy KidDecorating Kid Cowboy Rooms with Log Furniture

Nothing says "a Cowboy Kid lives here!" faster than western Log Furniture?

I don't need to tell you that cowboy kids are special.

Not that all kids aren't - it's just that when kids are drawn toward cowboys and the western life style, they seem to be a little more active, daring, and independent than other kids. They prefer horses and puppies over butterflies and goldfish. They would rather chase rustlers and bank robbers, than play house or hopscotch. They wear jeans and boots, instead of shorts and sandals. And when it comes to decorating their room they definitely want bold, rustic and rugged over pink, blue and contemporary.

It is my humble opinion, that log furniture is the ideal medium for cowboys and cowgirls of any age. Rough-hewn log bunk beds, chests, toy boxes and night stands whisper to us of the era when pioneers built furniture for utility and necessity. The pristine adaptation of log furniture offers a way to introduce the rugged beauty of nature to your cowboy kid. Log furniture's function is complimented with knots, uneven lines, bold graining, and a variation of colors that exude the comfort and security of one's personal space.

Take a few minutes to view this short video showing a nice selection of genuine handcrafted log furniture. Almost every item it showcases would look right at home enhancing the decor of your cowgirl or cowboy's bedroom. Accent any of these pieces with wrought iron, spurs, bandannas, steer heads, lassos, sheriff badges or pictures of horses and you will have a room that boldly shouts "a cowboy kid lives here!"

In a practical sense, log decor - especially for children - is not readily available in the furniture stores and shopping malls of many larger urban centers. Most stores that specialize in decorating for kids, may have "cowboy themed" or "western" accessories - such as blankets, curtains, pictures, etc. - but very few, if any, will have a selection of log furniture for your little cowpoke. This particular difficulty has eased somewhat lately with the explosion in popularity of rustic cabins and log homes, but the problem still remains. You, most likely, will need to do a little research to locate an outlet with anything more than a rudimentary selection of log furniture. Also, you should prepare yourself for having to do a little traveling when you do.

Thankfully, the internet has emerged as the premier place to locate an adequate selection of kids log furniture; and at very competitive prices, too. Bargain hunters will often find - even when the cost of shipping is factored in - they come out well ahead on kids western furniture at auction sites and discount specialty stores on the internet.

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