Cowboy KidTips for Selecting Quality Kid Cowboy Hats

So you are planning on buying your little buckaroo a new western hat?

Since the days of the old west, kids have always had a love affair with cowboys and western clothing. No piece of western apparel says "here is a real cowboy" better than a genuine western style hat. Indeed, a quality western hat is considered a tribute to the cowboy way of life. The spirit of the American old west frontier lives on in every cowboy hat. This is why kids want the genuine article when they dress up as cowboys and cowgirls. No wonder that a high quality kid's cowboy hat makes the ideal gift for any little buckaroo. Try giving any kid one and for that special occasion and watch their eyes light up.

Except for the inexpensive toy variety, most modern day kids western style hats are made using the latest technology to make it soft and comfortable for kids to wear. Contemporary felt materials being used to create today's kids cowboy hats last much longer than in the past. Parents can be assured that their little wranglers can run, ride and romp in them repeatedly without worrying about wearing them out. Also, the wide brims on cowboy hats serves two very important functions for your little cowpokes. First it provides protection from the damaging ultra violet rays of the sun. Second, it can be quite beneficial for keeping their heads dry when they are caught up in the rain. This is why top quality kids cowboy hats are treated with water repellents.

Today's most popular kids cowboy hat designs are embellished with embroidery, studs and even feathers. Perhaps this is the 'country western music' influence, or even NASCAR. Many are further decorated with hat bands. Indeed, hat bands come in all price ranges and can often add considerablly to the cost of the headpiece. Hat bands can range from colored ribbons and intricately braided leather to highly ornate bands inlaid with turquoise, silver, or semi-precious stones.

There are many popular colors of kids cowboy hats to choose from for both girls and boys. White hats are common for both genders, while hot pink and bright red seem to be the colors favored most by young cowgirls. Boys on the other hand are more comfortable with black, brown, tan and gray cowboy hats. Straw cowboy hats are also available, though these are considered more of a "work" or "play" style cowboy hat, rather than a dress hat.

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