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Light up your little cowboy's room with authentic Cowboy Lamps and Night Lights.

Everyone knows that real cowboys aren't afraid of the dark, but kids...well, that's another story. So why not make that little range rover of yours night a little brighter with cowboy lamps and night lights.
However, if you are finding it a little difficult to buy western lamps or night lights with an actual cowboy flavor at your favorite furniture or department store the Cowboy Kid Corral is here to help.  

The slide presentation below - brought to you by - gives you a unique selection of cowgirl and cowboy lamps featuring wild west themes like horses, longhorns, rodeos, saddles, cactus, boots, spurs, covered wagons and stage coaches among other things that make the old west and frontier statement.


Below you will find a huge selection of Kids Cowboy Lamps & Night Lights brought to you by

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