Cowboy KidTips for Buying Cowboy Kids Western Wear on eBay

You can often get fantastic deals on new and used western style clothing on eBay.

Everyone knows that keeping your little cowpokes in sharp cowboy outfits is a expensive thing. You can keep your children clothed and in style and not go into financial ruin by shopping on ebay and never have to leave your home. However, there are some precautions when buying clothing on the internet that you should be aware of.

Buy brand names that you know and trust! Make sure you know your brands before buying or ASK questions. Not all brands measure up. Sometimes even expensive department store brands can have problems.

Here is today's HOT LIST of quality brand names.
(Not all have a western look or styling, but many do.)

Abercrombie, Anavini, Baby Gap, Baby Lulu, Bebemonde, Biscotti, Burberry, Cach Cach, Cakewalk, Chicken Noodle, Coco Bonbons, Cotton Blu, Cottontail Originals, Crocs, Flapdoodles, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, Janie & Jack, Jordan, Kate Mack, Katie & Co., Kelly's Kids, Kitestrings, Lacoste, Le Top, Lilly Pulitzer, Little Mass, Luna Luna, Michael Simon, Miss Tee V-Us, Mulberribush, Nike, No Added Sugar, Oilily, Pepper Toes, Petit Ami, Psketti, Ralph Lauren, Sara's Prints, Small Paul, Stride Rite Shoes, Tommy Hilfiger, Trish Scully, Wes & Willy, Zackali and Zaza Couture

Just because it says NEW doesn't mean that it is perfect.

All items with tags are not exactly perfect. Many manufactures will discount their 'seconds' through various distribution channels. These will often show up on eBay. Very often these can be a great bargain, sometimes not. Be sure to ask the seller if there are any problems with it even if it has a tag. Same thing with cowboy boots. You want to ask if there are any marks or irregular markings on the boots even if they are said to be new.

The best bargains can be 'used'.

No matter how picky you are, I suggest you don't limit yourself to just new cowboy apparel. You can find some wonderful things that may have been worn just one time and when you get them you can't tell the difference between that and new. There are tons of used cowboy clothes on eBay. Some of them are really used and others are barely worn. Be careful who you are buying from and make sure the seller has a return policy you are comfortable with, in the event that you are not happy with your purchase.

Learn some eBay ins and outs.

Once you find that perfect cowboy outfit you like make sure you read the whole description. A lot of people put measurements in there ad, and that is good, but also make sure to read the seller's ratings. Ebay shoppers watch their sellers very well, but there are times that people don't keep up their standards. If they have more than one negative in the last month make sure to read the complaints. Slow shipping and poor communication is something to watch out for. If you have any questions, ask the seller. If they don't respond back in a timely fashion, you may want to look elsewhere. Also pay attention to payment methods accepted, if they say pay pal only and you don't have a pay pal account don't despair ask the seller if they would accept a money order.

Once you bid, make sure you keep tract of your bidding, and if you win respond quickly. You also don't want bad ratings. Get your payments out as soon as possible. Most sellers will then email you as soon as your purchase has been shipped.

Happy shopping!

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