Cowboy KidTips for Selecting Kid Cowboy Boots

Does your little Buckaroo want a pair of western boots?

To a young cowpoke a pair of cowboy boots can be just about as important as a good pony. But b
uying a pair of cowboy or cowgirl boots can be tricky. Here are a few ideas and important factors to consider that will help you get your buckaroo great looking, and comfortable fitting cowboy boots.

Looks may be the first thing that attracts your cowboy to a pair boots. Even though appearance and style are precious to your kid, you should know that there are far more important considerations to look for before buying a pair of cowboy boots.The good news is, there are boots that have all the essentials like comfort, quality and durability, and are still stylish and fashionable.
There are three basic boot types: lace up boots - which simply lace up the Cowboy Bootsfront, ropers- which usually slip on and are generally a work type boot, and then western- which is a bit more dressy and ornate. These style differences should be taken into consideration when deciding what is actually needed.
Before you start, take note of the shape of your child's feet. Some boots have pointy toes, while others have a square toe and still others will have a more conventional rounded front. Not all styles will fit comfortably on all foot shapes. You should elect your boots accordingly. Also, if you have a little cowgirl, who has a wide foot, she may have more luck finding a comfortable boot in the boys department, as they are usually made a bit wider.
You should buy a pair that is made of durable materials. A good example of durable boots is a pair that has reinforced soles which won't separate even during vigorous play. Buying good quality durable boots will ensure that your cowboy kid's feet are properly protected. The old adage 'you get what you pay for' is certainly true when it comes to cowboy boots. Top brand name boots cost more for a reason. Buy QUALITY, when it is on sale or discounted.
Cowboys and cowgirls grow up quickly. It may be practical for you to opt for a pair of cowboy boots that are a half size larger so there's room for your kid's feet to grow. Thick socks will help with this and also be a little warmer in the winter.
Water resistance
Boots made of suede are definitely dashing but you have to know that this material easily gets ruined when soaked in water. It's smarter to choose waterproof boots made of rubber, vinyl or waterproofed leather.
About Leather
If you are buying a pair of leather boots for your child you might want to consider buying them a bit snugger than if you buy a synthetic pair as the leather will stretch. Leather is a bit more expensive but usually will hold up longer and is well worth the extra expense. A good pair of leather boots will last longer, and protect better if you treat them with 'saddle soap' or another type of repellent made specially for leather. With good care and a proper fit a pair of boots should easily last until your cowpoke grows into the next size up!
The bottom, or sole, of the boot is one of your most important considerations. Older kids may be better served with hard leather soles for dress boots, but for small feet and work boots, soft textured rubber soles are essential for surer footing.
It is best that you buy boots with lining that prevents cold air from penetrating, keeps the boot well insulated and your kid's feet comfortably warm.

Footwear for young cowhands is important. Not only as a part of their wardrobe, but also to protect their feet and insure proper growth. It's important for you to make a wise decision in your selection. These tips will help to insure that your cowboy kid ends up with a pair of boots that will look great and last long.

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