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If you're the type who likes a relaxed and comfortable look and feel for your home, country and western decor is something you should definitely consider. Although these are two separate styles, put them together and you will have a spectacular mix!

Country decor has always included such accents as roosters and cows, anything that is associated with a farm. Western decor typically includes cowboys, indians, horses and things of that nature. Where do cowboys normally work and live? On a farm! You can see how the two go hand in hand - a match made in Heaven!

Color is another aspect these two styles share. Country and western decor both use an abundance of rustic colors, such as deep reds, denim blues, golds and burnished orange. Combining these two styles is extremely easy since the colors already blend.

All you need to get started are some shelves and curio cabinets to display your horse figurines, roosters, cowboys, indians and any other western decor you may have. Add some rooster statues, gingham lined baskets, a few ceramic cow accents here and there and you are well on your way to creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that everyone will love!

Decorating your walls is another easily accomplished task. There are many western wall decor items available, from mirrors embellished with sheriff's type stars to canvas cowboy art and western wall sconces just to name a few. Rooster decor for your walls can vary from a rich-hued wooden wall clock to elaborately detailed copper wall hangings.
A very unique accent you can use are cowboy boot planters - they are absolutely adorable! You can also find many Indian themed pieces, many accented with leather and very colorful.

With so many choices available, decorating your walls, kitchen and tabletops won't be a problem at all. Add a western style lamp and a few horseshoe themed accents. Now, just throw a few western type rugs here and there, a southwestern or country themed throw and pillows on your sofa, and you're done.

The relaxed, inviting aura you create will make you the envy of everyone who enters your home. Want to realize the true meaning of "Home is where the heart is"? Decorate your home country and western!

By: Tess Tackett - Article Directory: Add a taste of Country and Western Home Decor to your home - it's easy and affordable! Tess Tackett All About Home Decor - Interior Motives


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